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Automatic Door
Automatic Door

Automatic Door

India Gates is the leading provider of automatic glass door automation in Chennai, Thiruverkadu, high-speed door manufacturers in Thiruverkadu. India Gates has established itself as a leading provider in the industry. India Gates Automations of Door Automation Manufacturers in Chennai is among the most popular Door Automation which is produced in advanced at high feature reliability. Hence this mechanism is well enhanced and functional with preference in designing a spacious outlook to the premises at the most demandable in malls, hospitals, hotels, etc.

Sliding Door

The most popular sliding door that is advanced in providing automatic functional properties of door with aesthetics. Our industry premises with the most demandable aspects of giving visibility through the glass which helps in showcasing the interior that displays the class without spending much on the exterior. Automatic Sliding Door is suitable well in providing easy installation of processes with low handling cost. This product ensures high protection with low maintenance and is profound in topping among other products in the market.

Swing Door

As we are one of the pioneer swings door suppliers in offering a wide range of products manufactured at different designs, tolerance and easy installation. Our industry is listed as the best door manufacturers which are beautifully designed at a diverse range. We always meet the needs of our customers in fulfilling the needs and desires of customers. We often never compromise the quality in offering a main aim which satisfies the working process of function widely effectively.

High Speeds Doors

This High-Speed Door is prominent with good quality materials at the most economical and reliable solutions. Since it is highly designed for safety, fast, efficient and simple operation of internal busy doorways. High-speed doors are characterized by high-quality components and well-conceived design in using both inside and outside areas at moderate temperature. Though, our collection of high performance, high speed door solutions rolls up at available versatile track configurations.

Glass Door Automation

It enhances the elegant style format for buildings to have beautiful looks of top-priority. Building regular formation and distribution of products in ensuring entrance with safe, secure and user-friendly but blend with the design concepts of the zone. This product might bring up intelligent, integrated solutions that are designed with efficient performance. It is widely described as this process of supplying the doors allows in creating the best scope.

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